Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Download Winamp 5.62 full Version

Free Download Winamp 5.62 Full Version,Music lovers must have been familiar with this software.Winamp is one line of multimedia software best music player ever. Winamp is made in two versions, which are free or free and paid which is distinguished by the addition of the word "Pro" behind.Surely there is a difference between the free with a paid. Well, if you want to try Winamp Pro v5.58, then this article may be less useful to you.
But before Virukill Blogs be sharing a bit about the advantages or the differences in Winamp Pro v5.58 with a free, namely:
This Features Winamp PRO:
  • Watch MPEG-4/H.264 encoded videos (including MP4, FLV, MKV, & AVI)
  • Transcode supported audio formats to MP3 or Hi-Bitrate accPlus
  •  Rip CDs to MP3 & Hi-Bitrate accPlus
  • Rip CDs at full speed (limited to 8x in Winamp Standard)
  • Burn auto CDs up to 48x (vs. 2x in Winamp Standard)
  • Help fund continued product development & innovation
Well, interestingly enough not the features of Winamp Pro, so it would not hurt you to try it, khan did not pay well, because the free virukill blogs always gives to you, he ... If you want to try Winamp Pro v5.60 Full Version.

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