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Download Mozilla Firefox Update Latest 2012

Download Mozilla Firefox 10 Update Latest 2012 .Update Mozilla Firefox Latest . Download Mozilla Firefox Latest . Mozilla Firefox is the browser most recognized by internet users. Almost all internet users in Indonesia and the world are using this browser. See so much enthusiastic user withMozilla Firefox , it is not wrong if the mozilla itself is always issued the latest version of the browser makes.  Download Mozilla Firefox Latest 2012 .
Update Latest version of Mozilla Firefox . Currently Mozilla has released its latest version, the version of mozilla firefox 9:01. There are several additional features entered in Mozilla Firefox version 9:01 of this.Here's a little review of Mozilla Firefox version 9:01 .
Mozilla Firefox 9:01 yesterday released at the same time continue to be consistent with the policy of  rapid release  makes Firefox has been improved from version 4 to 9 is less than 1 year. Increased speed to 30% was obtained Firefox from an increase in Javascript called  Type Inference .In Mozilla Firefox 9:01 speed increase will be more felt when the user opens the page containing the javascript code as many gaming sites, video, webapps will be rendered more quickly.
Here are some of the changes in Mozilla Firefox 9:01
·         Type Inference feature additions
·         Integration theme for Mac OS X Lion
·         Two swipe navigation for Mac OS X Lion
·         Support status Do Not Track via Javascript
·         Support font-strectch
·         The increase for the text-overflow
·         Increased support for the HTML5 standard, MathML, and CSS
·         Several security enhancements and stability
Mozilla also said in Firefox 9 is the Web site developers will be helped because they will be faster when the site that they made ​​use of data such as XHR Request and AJAX. In this version of the site's content will be instantly displayed during download without the download is complete.

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