Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Download PC Optimizer Pro Full With Patch

Download PC Optimizer Pro Full With Patch - PC Optimizer professional may be a program for cleaning, repair and optimize the Windows operating system during a few mouse clicks. The program permits you to optimize the performance of your laptop, creating your laptop run faster, and permits you to repair numerous system errors, preventing up to ninetieth of all failures within the laptop. The program consists of a group of system utilities that assist you clean the system registry and laborious disk of debris, take away unneeded applications and programs from startup, can show you data concerning your system and build a backup copy in case of system failure, and lots of alternative operations.
• Optimize and clean your hard drive
• Removal of temporary Internet files
• Clear registry entries and incorrect entries
• One-Clicks optimization system
• A simple and effective hard drive defragmentation
• Manage the startup programs
• Manage running processes
• Optimize and increase the speed of your Internet connection
• Complete removal of files without the possibility of recovery
• Recovery of deleted files
• Configuring the Windows
• Change the look of Windows using Visual Stylist
• Preservation and restoration of the location of icons on your desktop
• View disk and system information
• Direct access to all features of Windows
• Separation and connection large files
• A nice user interface
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