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Download Google Earth Pro 6 Full Version (GPS+3D Support)

Download Google Earth Pro 6 GPS+3D Support Full Version - Google Earth may be a virtual globe program that helps you to surf through our entire planet. you'll zoom and seek for your city and far a lot of things like college, churches etc! Google Earth professional (Gold) is that the upgraded version, it's lots of a lot of options like movie creating or advanced printing and far more… value four hundred $ Google Earth professional combines the facility of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to place the world’s geographic info at your fingertips.Google Earth 6.2 for Pilots – this can be a part of a brand new series exploring Google Earth uses for various professions/ hobbies.

How to Get 3D Buildings in Google Earth Flight Simulator

  • Enter Flight Simulator mode – Select “Tools->Enter Flight Simulator”. Optional: fly to a city which has 3D buildings (tip: San Francisco, Baltimore, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte – these all have lots of 3D buildings). NOTE: – there is a bug in GE 4.3 if you select the “Current View” option in the “Enter Flight Simulator” window, you may end up at an higher altitude than you expect upon starting the flight (much higher). Just fly back down to the city level.
  • Open the Sidebar – Sidebar shortcut – Press Ctrl + Alt + B’ (or + Option + B’ on the Mac) to bring up the sidebar
  • Turn on 3D Buildings – Turn these on in the Layers pane in the lower left after the sidebar opens.
  • Turn Off Sidebar – IMPORTANT – before resuming the flight simulator, turn off the sidebar by hitting the sidebar shortcut from step 2
  • Resume flight – Now you can resume flying the flight simulator by hitting the SPACE key and the 3D buildings should stay on for your current flight.
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