Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Download ESET Remote Administrator Console and Server

ESET has released its newest product is the ESET Remote Administrator Beta 5 dispersion and for the fans and get to enjoy the product for free. you just go to the official website at: www.eset.com, As an integral part of the new security solution, ESET Remote Administrator 5 allows for improved manageability of all clients, including remote installation and configuration, applying security policies, as well as scheduling on-demand and future tasks.

ESET Remote Administrator Peatures:
Real-time Web Dashboard
Role-based Management
Improved Reporting
RSA enVision Support
Optimized Database Performance
IPv6 Support
Improved Configuration of Clients
Rollback of Updates on Clients
Randomized Task Execution
Support for new ESET business products
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