Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Download Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus 2012

Free Download Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2012 Final Full Version, Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 is a fast and lightweight antivirus engine that includes powerful browsing protection, too. If you're worried your system may be infected already then you can run a variety of on-demand scans. The Quick Scan examines only the most commonly-infected areas, and took only around 90 seconds on our test PC; the Full Scan gives your PC a thorough check; and the Custom Scan allows you to tell the program exactly what you'd like it to examine (or you can right-click any file or folder in Explorer and choose "Check for security threats" for a speedy verdict).
The program will also check websites as you visit them, and blocking those that may, or are confirmed to be dangerous. The default settings worked well for us, but your web protection can be tweaked to suit your needs. Setting it to "Low" will block only sites absolutely confirmed as unsafe; turning it up to "High" will block any site that shows the slightest sign of danger. Perhaps best of all, Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 has a strong focus on performance.
Download Trend Micro Titanium | Antivirus | Maximum Security 2012
It's the only antivirus tool we've seen that allows you to control how many security drivers are launched at boot time, for instance, allowing you to reduce any impact on launch times, if that's a problem. And, even when we set the program to run a full scan, it didn't tie up our PCs resources. We were able to continue using other apps, more or less as normal, while Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 continued to check for malware in the background.

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